How AI Helps Banks Deal With Volatile Markets

13 03-2018
How AI Helps Banks Deal With Volatile Markets

How AI Helps Banks Deal With Volatile Markets

AI is providing banks with tools to give clients quicker and more effective insights, as seen in a scenario from PSFK’s Digital Banking Playbook

By leveraging deep data insights and AI-powered advisory tools, banks can provide faster, more intelligent advice and execution capabilities to their clients. These intelligent digital tools improve accessibility for sophisticated investment management, allowing users to deal with unexpected and volatile market events swiftly and effectively.

The below scenario from our Digital Banking Playbook, a collaboration with Microsoft, illustrates AI’s effectiveness in financial services:

Karen is an ultra high-net-worth client traveling from London to New York.

  1. Karen, who holds investments in Japan’s energy sector, receives an alert on her mobile device from her bank’s AI-powered investment bot that Japan has issued a tsunami warning after detecting offshore seismic activity.
  2. The bot sends Karen a detailed summary of the situation and risk, loss and effect imposed.
  3. The bot automates a risk simulation of possible strategies that Karen should pursue based on her personal finance profiles—financial history, investment behavior and wealth goals.
  4. The bot also forecasts how each strategy could evolve over time by conducting an analysis of contextual market data.
  5. Karen decides to follow through on one of the bot-recommended investment strategies and executes her trades.
  6. The transactions are assured with blockchain to optimize secure legibility for audit purposes.
  7. The bot automatically generates the required compliance documentation.
  8. The AI-powered investment bot also coordinates a follow-up appointment for Karen with her relationship manager to discuss the long-term effects of the market event.
  9. The bot augments the meeting preparation undertaken by the relationship manager by providing contextual and personalized guidance.

The Digital Banking Playbook, presented in partnership with Microsoft, highlights how digital tools can augment a financial institution’s ability to optimize operations and reinvigorate the client experience. Download the free report here.

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