Improving Your Facebook Reach (Infographic)

07 02-2018
Improving Your Facebook Reach (Infographic)

If BuzzFeed has taught us anything, it’s that Google is no longer necessary if we want to acquire a lot of traffic. Hundreds of articles and quizzes created by BuzzFeed have gone viral, which has sent millions of Facebook and Twitter users their way. In an age when everyone is concerned with SEO, seeing a site like BuzzFeed succeed without Google is refreshing. It also serves as inspiration for what you can do to drive more traffic from social.

But the competition is stiff. Your average Facebook user has hundreds of friends and follows hundreds of pages. Many of them are posting Facebook updates every day. And Facebook doesn’t show users everything posted in the News Feed, only the content that is relevant to them and that has a high CTR (along with other factors). This makes it very difficult to get near the top of the News Feed. It requires some strategy and a little bit of luck. But if you become “News Feed Friendly,” you’ll start getting more traffic from Facebook and diversify your traffic sources.

Today’s infographic offers some advice on improving your Facebook organic reach.

How to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach

About the Author: Zach Bulygo (Twitter) is a Content Writer for Kissmetrics.

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